Time is precious and you have a number of equally important matters to be dealing with.

We work hard to learn your requirements and you can trust Weisberg Legal to reduce stress and ensure a smooth running of your professional, personal, and business legal matters.

We offer a limited number of general legal retainers on subscription so that we can be immediately available to provide advice when required. 

We can travel to meet at a location of your choice, take instructions via secure direct communications, or you can meet us in our private offices in Bath, Wiltshire or London.

Our solicitors have provided discreet private client services for family offices, politicians, entrepreneurs, professionals, international clients, trusts and corporate entities. We are familiar with cross jurisdictional tax and contractual issues and have access to a range of contacts and resources to resolve a variety of legal issues. 

Some of the matters we can assist with include:

  • Creation and management of family offices
  • Document safekeepingPhilanthropy
  • Guidance to “next generation” family members
  • Privacy agreements
  • Family Trusts
  • Asset protection
  • Governance
  • Succession and continuity
  • Tax Planning
  • Executor Services
  • Sale/Purchase/Transfer of high value / unusual assets
  • General Power of Attorney services

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