Protect your assets and ensure your estate is securely & safely passed on

Probate and estate administration is the process of dealing with the estate of someone who has died, this can include clearing their debts and distributing their assets according to the terms of their Will.

Estate administration can often be extremely complex, time-consuming and stressful at an already difficult time. At Weisberg Legal, we aim to make the process of estate administration more manageable and our experts will guide you through this process with respect and confidence.

Obtaining a grant of probate is usually part of estate administration but it can often involve:

  • Reading and interpreting the Will
  • Identification and protection of estate assets
  • Valuation of the estate
  • Completing the complex Inheritance Tax forms for HMRC
  • Applying for a Grant of Probate of Letters of Administration
  • Distributing the estate to Beneficiaries
  • Preparation of Estate Accounts
  • Ongoing support with any Trusts

Our solicitors can be available to provide ad hoc support enabling you to administer the state, or we can offer a “full” service taking care of all usual requirements.

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