Whether you are a landlord, an individual tenant or part of a group, we have the legal skills to help.

Leasehold enfranchisement is the process of either extending a lease, or purchasing a share of the freehold, also known as collective enfranchisement. 

A lease extension can help when selling or mortgaging a leasehold property that is nearing the end of its lease and can offer you more security. 

At Weisberg Legal, our expert solicitors have experience in a range of leasehold enfranchisement options, including:

  • Lease extension
  • Individual purchase of the freehold
  • Collective enfranchisement (where a number of tenants wish to buy the freehold)
  • Right to manage (tenants take management of a building without buying the freehold)
  • Right of first refusal to buy the freehold of a building

We also have experience in setting up or acting for residential management companies and can assist with ongoing issues such as Deeds of Variation, Licences for Alterations, and Deeds of Covenant.

We can offer flexible payment terms and bulk discounts when acting for groups of tenants all seeking similar actions, such as the renewal of all leases in a building or block.

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