Whether you are buying, selling, re-mortgaging or transferring the equity in a property, we are here to help.

Our home is often the most valuable asset that we will ever own, so it’s not surprising that the majority of people find the process of buying and selling houses very stressful. Choosing the right professionals can help to minimise the stress as you will feel safe in the knowledge that the paperwork relating to your home has been reviewed by experienced professionals.  

The conveyancers at Weisberg Legal have years of experience and will guide you through the transaction, address legal technicalities and spot and redress any potential issues. We ensure that your transaction progresses smoothly whilst providing reassurances that both you and your investment are safe and secure. 

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We can also assist with:-

Pre-sale Preparations – A “typical” transaction can take at least 8 weeks from start to finish. Often the first couple of weeks are taken up with parties providing documents to their solicitors. If you opt for our “Pre Sale Preparation” service, we can prepare everything in advance of your actual sale, including a review of all legal documents for the property where we may be able to identify any issues which could come up, such as to order missing certificates, or to put in place insurance for potential issues, so when your offer is received you can proceed without delays.

First Registration – the title to the majority of properties is now registered centrally at HM Land Registry, but there are a number of properties where the titles remain as historic paper deeds. Our experienced team can apply for first registration at HM Land Registry which can make the future dealing with your property easier and more cost effective. Your title is also protected at HM Land Registry and you will no longer have to securely hold your “property deeds”.

Declarations of Trust – this is a legally binding written agreement which records the financial arrangement between two or more owners. These are particularly important where transactions may be undertaken by unmarried couples, friends, relatives or business partners. The document can clarify the percentage deposit being provided by each party, the responsibilities towards upkeep, and what happens on sale or if there is a dispute.

Mortgaging – we can usually act for you and your lender in securing the “mortgage charge” against your property.

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